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We have a dedicated server with custom footprints and software dedicating to finding fresh verified links.

Join the members-only Dropbox live sync, where you can get constant verified backlinks for GSA SER campaigns.

Included in the shared folder is exclusive templates, complimentary proxies and a Getting Started PDF.

  • Save on scraping sofware
  • Save on backconnect proxies monthly cost
  • Save on VPS monthly cost


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Getting your website to the top of the search results has a lot to do with reaching out to other big sites in your niche. Having an authority over your niche shows others you know what you’re talking about. That’s why it’s important to have plenty of content covering a wide range of topics relevant to your industry.

Google loves long form content and will reward you for it. Make sure to interlink your articles to help boost the pages up in the SERPS and help search engines build relevance.

You can easily use Scrapebox to find outreach opportunities. Using a few footprints shown below you can scrape and find sites that will most likely link back to your website.

Footprints are common words or phrases found on sites that offer guest posting opportunities. We use this to scrape search engines to find sites with these certain words.

Don’t get discouraged if not everyone gets back to you. From experience only a few website owners will reach bach and give you a price on how much it would cost to get your site featured on their website. From there you can send over your article and tell them what anchor text you’d like to use to link back to your website. Make sure the link is do-follow else it will have little impact on your SERP position.

Google is getting slowering in indexing new backlinks these days no matter how high the website authority is. To speed things up you can submit your backlink to an online indexer so that Google bot crawls it.

Dropbox Live Sync

Site list is automatically updated daily through Dropbox Live Sync

Custom Templates

Included are exclusive templates you can easily import to run your campaigns

Proxies Included

Get started quickly with free to use proxies included in the Dropbox folder

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